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Why spent hours editing your photos?

Chrys just like you, he wanted a practical way to achieve a more professional online appearance.

After investing thousands of dollars on Courses, Guides, eBooks, Programs, Events and more, he developed an unbelievable skill on color-corecting photos on Adobe Lightroom.

If you ask Chrys if it was worth it he will respond:

"Hell yeah!"

But he will also say:

"If I could have done it faster, easier and cheaper, I would!"


This “PRO Tourist” Lightroom Preset Bundle was developed in the search for the most commonly needed presets for a Real Professional Tourist. Everything you need for your travel photos in the airport, at the beach/pool, while shopping, exploring nature, or during your night out.

What people have to say

“Since I started using these Presets, I feel secure about my content! I know that I can turn any image taken on my phone to an elite image which will look as if it was shot on a professional camera. Before I couldn’t post any picture on social media, now with these one click presets I am not limited. Life is easier today. I can’t wait to share them with my friends & business partners!”
Spyros Roufos
from Greece
“I never slept that night until I received my presets on my phone. I immediately posted my pictures on Instagram and Facebook. This increased curiosity on my social media which increased sales in my business. When I returned to Uganda, my friends asked me if I hired a graphic designer. I told my friends that I bought Chrys' Lightroom Presets and I won’t cry about my old bad pictures anymore. Thank you Chrys.”
Princess Cherima
from Uganda
“My experience after using these presets made my life so easy. I was amazed how simple it is to edit an image in one click. My experience after using these presets made my life so easy. I was amazed how simple it is to edit an image in one click. I’ll definitely share the word with my friends, family and social media followers because he have helped me improve the quality of the photos in my business.”
Petromir Dimov
from Bulgaria
“Love the presets! Thanks for showing us how to have better pics! Life is much easier now with Chrys' Lightroom Presets. I recommend this to everyone who wants to take their content creation to the next level.”
Corina Tennakoon
from Singapore


This “Magic” Lightroom Preset was developed in the search for a universal “miracle-making” preset that could be applied to ANY photo, you just have to adjust the brightness based on your lighting.

"You can do what I did to get here. But it would be smarter to just...copy-paste!"

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